ArcFM Web 4.5 Installation and Configuration Guide

Version 20

    ArcFM Web 4.5 Installation and Configuration Guide


    ArcFM Web maximizes your investment in ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online web mapping technologies. The rich value of ArcFM Web is derived from Schneider Electric's partnership with Latitude Geographics. ArcFM Web leverages their Geocortex Essentials product to provide a comprehensive web viewer on the ArcGIS platform. ArcFM Web contains all of the features and functions of Geocortex Essentials as well as utility specific-functionality. The mission of ArcFM Web is to provide easy-to-access information and help utility companies solve problems that are specific to the their industry.


    This guide covers the following topics:




    The following installations need to occur in the order they are listed:

    1. ArcFM Web and Core Geocortex Essentials
    2. Geocortex Essentials Post Install


    NOTE: ArcFM Web needs to Point to a Map Service so ArcFM Server must be installed. For more information on this installation, see ArcFM Server Installation.


    Install ArcFM Web and Core Geocortex Essentials


    To install ArcFM Web and Geocortex Essentials, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to GIS Downloads, and download the Microsoft installer file for ArcFM Web 4.5.
    2. Double-click the install file and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
    3. The final final screen of the installation wizard has a Launch Post Installation Configuration checkbox. Verify that it is checked and click Finish.
    4. The Geocortex Core Setup installer begins automatically. Follow the instructions to complete the installation of Geocortex Essentials Core.

      UPGRADE NOTE: ArcFM Web 4.4 uses HTML5 Viewer version 2.5.2. This Viewer version is not supported with ArcFM Web 4.5. The supported HTML5 Viewer version for ArcFM Web 4.5 is version 2.6. For this reason, it is recommended that you install a new named instance when you are given the opportunity during the Geocortex Essentials Core installation.  You will be prompted to add the HTML5 Viewer 2.6 during the Post Installation Configuration step.

    5. Click Finish on the final screen.


    Geocortex Essentials Post Install


    Use the Geocortex Essentials 4.5 Installation Guide to complete the Geocortex Essentials Post Install.




    After the installation is complete, refer to the Geocortex Essentials 4.5 Administrator Guide and the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.6 Administrator and Developer Guide for information on configuring the ArcFM Web features that are a part of the core Geocortex Essentials product. All configuration takes place in the Geocortex Essentials Manager. To launch this application, type the following URL in any web browser. Remember to replace <ServerName> with the name of your server.


    http://<ServerName> Geocortex/Essentials/RestManager/


    TIP: Toolbars are created when you add viewers. Refer to the information on adding viewers in the Geocortex Essentials documentation to create your tracing toolbars.


    The following configuration tasks must be completed for the utility-specific functionality:


    Point to a Map Service


    ArcFM Web must be configured with a map service. To point ArcFM Web to a map service, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the Geocortex Essentials Manager.
    2. Click Add New Site. A site creation wizard walks you through the process.


    3. After you create the site, the Geocortex Essentials Manager loads the Configure Site screen and defaults to the Map setting. Click the Add Map Service button.
    4. On the Search tab, type the URL of your ArcGIS Port WebMap or an ArcGIS map service. For example, you can type as the service URL. Click the search icon or press Enter.
    5. Select the map service to use (e.g., ElectricDistribution), and click Add to Map. You can also select individual layers in the service to Add as Map Service or Add as Feature Layer.
    6. Click Save Site.


    Set Custom Property


    The tracing property in ArcFM Web defines your map service as electric, gas, or water. To add a tracing property to the map service, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the Geocortex Essentials Manager.
    2. On the left side of the screen, expand the Site tab list and click the Map tab.
    3. On the Map screen, click the Map Services tab.
    4. Hover over the map service you want to define and select the edit tool that appears to the right of the service name.
    5. On the bottom left corner of the screen, click Properties.
    6. Click Add Property.
    7. Define the property with the following values:


      • In the Name box, type ArcFMTracingCapabilities.
      • In the Value box, type Electric, Gas, or Water, depending on the service type you need. If the service will be used for multiple networks, separate the values with a comma.
    8. Click OK to close the Custom Properties box.




    To uninstall ArcFM Web 4.5, follow these steps:

    1. From Control Panel, select Programs and Features. In a typical installation, you need to uninstall three components:
      • ArcFM Web
      • Geocortex Core
      • Geocortex Identity Server
    2. Beginning with ArcFM Web, select the program and click Uninstall.
    3. If prompted to confirm, select Yes.
    4. Wait for the uninstall process to complete before you uninstall the next program.
    5. Repeat this process for Geocortex Core and Geocortex Identity Server.
    6. You need to manually delete the HTML5 Viewer and Geocortex directories. The default location of these file trees is C:\inetpub\wwwroot.
    7. Open IIS Manager and remove the Geocortex folder and the HTML5 Viewer application.
    8. Some data files remain on the system after uninstall (e.g., log files, user data, configuration data). In a typical installation on a 64-bit system, you will find these files under C:\Program Files (x86)\SchneiderElectric\ArcFM Web\Default and C"\Program Files\Latitude Geographics. You can safely delete these files if you are certain you will not need to install ArcFM Web on the same server again.