FAQ - Fiber - Why can't I open Connection Manager at a Transition Point?

Version 2



    My transition point feature class has the class model names TRANSITIONPOINT and FIBERCONNECTIONCONTAINER assigned, so why can't I open Connection Manager by snapping to the transition point?




    A transition point is considered to be a point at which the fiber connections do not break. ArcMap may display two separate cables on either side of the transition point since attribute properties might be different, but connections remain intact and straight-through. In ArcFM version 10.2.1a, there was a bug that allowed users to open Connection Manager at a transition point. This bug has since been fixed in later versions.


    The ArcFM data model does, however, still require both the TRANSITIONPOINT and FIBERCONNECTIONCONTAINER class model names to be assigned to the transition point. This requirement is a workaround to a bug and will ensure that tracing is still functional if the transition point is deleted.


    *Note - With Fiber Manager 10.2.1e, due out in 2018, functionality will be added that will make moving or removing transition points (e.g. risers) a much simpler process.  Stay tuned!