FAQ - ArcFM - Specifying ArcFM Point Feature Placement within Template Favorites

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    I have created an ArcFM template favorite to place meters or service points at the end of a secondary line. When the template is used, the point features are located at the wrong end of the secondary conductor. Is there a way to change where the point features are placed along the conductor?




    Template favorites provide a convenient means to sequentially sketch a series of ArcFM features. For example, a template can be set up that allows a user to quickly sketch a secondary conductor and place a point feature, such as a meter or service point, at the end.


    When the template favorite is set up and tested, the point feature may not be placed at the intended location, e.g., first vertex vs. last.


    If this occurs, check the following template favorite setting: 

    1. Within the ArcMap Table of Contents, begin an edit session and access the Features tab.
    2. Locate the Template favorite, right-click and choose ‘Edit Template Favorite’ from the menu.
    3. Select the point feature level within the Edit template favorite tree.
    4. Ensure that the ‘General’ tab is active and verify the ‘Place at Sketch Point(s)’ settings. As an example, set the single value to ‘n’ to have the point feature placed at the last vertex of the sketched conductor.