Scheduling Replica Updates in ArcFM Mobile 3

Version 3

    Before you begin you will need to go to the ArcFM Mobile portal Admin page and create a new ApiKey with the Admin role.  Take note of the username and password that is presented for use later.


    Attached is a PowerShell script that can be used to schedule updates to your replicas created by ArcFM Mobile 3.


    Once you have the script on the server that you would like to use to request the updates, use Windows Task Scheduler to run the script by doing the following:

    1. Open Task Scheduler
    2. Click "Task Scheduler Library"
    3. Click "Create Task..."
    4. Give your task a name (eg. "Update Replicas")
    5. Under security options  "Run whether user is logged on or not"
    6. Check the box "Do not store password"
    7. Add a trigger to tell Windows how often to run the script
    8. Add a new action of type "Start a program"
    9. For the program/script type "powershell.exe"
    10. In the "Add arguments (optional):" field paste the following substituting the path to your script on disk and providing your parameters: -Noninteractive -Noprofile -Command "&{c:\pathtoscript.ps1 apikeyname apikeypassword organizationname}"
      1. The organizationname is the same name that you type when logging into the Portal or to the mobile clients.
    11. Click "OK"


    You can test the script by right clicking on your task and selecting "Run".  Navigate to the ArcFM Mobile Portal and on the Sync Admin page select the details for each replica and see if a new delta is being created.