ArcFM Server Installation - 10.2.1b SP1

Version 15

    ArcFM Server 10.2.1b SP1 contains the server components that can be utilized with both map and feature services for web applications. The server components include REST extensions for tracing, identify, and locate. These web services can be consumed by third party applications and provide a key component for supporting Service-Oriented Architecture business solutions.


    ArcFM Server 10.2.1b must be installed before Service Pack 1 can be installed.


    The following steps will help you install ArcFM Server 10.2.1b:

    1. The ArcFM Server 10.2.1b setup installs a Server Object Extension (SOE) component by default. The ArcFM SOE must be installed on any machine that has ArcGIS for Server installed.

    2. Click Install.
    3. When installation is complete, a Windows Explorer window displays. Do not exit out of this window since you will use the Register ArcFM SOE tool in a later step.


    The following steps will help you install ArcFM Server 10.2.1b Service Pack 1:

    1. When you launch the ArcFM Server 10.2.1b Service Pack installer, click Update and let the installer finish.

    2. In the Windows Explorer window mentioned in step 3 above, double-click Register ArcFM SOE tool.
    3. Provide the ArcGIS Server Manager User Name and Password. Leave the ArcGIS Server Manager Address as is. Click Browse underneath ArcFM Server Object Extension and double-click Miner.Server.soe located here: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\bin\Miner.Server.soe

    4. Click Register.




    The ArcFM Desktop Administrator displays the number of ArcFM Server licenses available. A license is necessary for each ArcFM SOE installation. If you have installed ArcGIS for Server on multiple machines, you will need multiple ArcFM Server licenses. The steps for enabling a license for a map service are discussed below.


    Using the Desktop Administrator, point to the appropriate server in the Floating License Server field to retrieve the ArcFM Server license.





    Any map service using ArcFM data requires an ArcFM Server license to be enabled using the ArcFM Map Server capability. Any map services that exist at the time of the ArcFM Server installation will automatically have the ArcFM Server License enabled. Any new map services that are added after the installation will require the ArcFM Server License to be manually enabled. This can be done in ArcGIS Server Manager by following these steps:

    1. Log in to ArcGIS Server Manager.
    2. Click the applicable service.
    3. Select the Capabilities option on the left side of the page. A list of capability checkboxes appears. At the bottom of this list is ArcFMMapServer.
    4. Select the ArcFMMapServer checkbox to enable. Clear it to disable.
    5. Click Save and Restart.