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    Customer Spotlight: Collaborating with ArcFM Customers on Innovative ProjectsTips and Tricks: Graphics and Autotext
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    What’s Projectware and How Can It Help You?


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    Link 2016 Recap


    Link 2016 offered more than 40 sessions tailored to your needs, including product and solution updates, demonstrations and trainings. Some of the most sought-after sessions at Link 2016 included:


    Presentation - Link 2016 - Strategies for Success in Enterprise Mobile

    This session discussed key requirements for enterprise mobility and explored strategies to achieve efficiency and ease of use. It focused particularly on the crucial requirement of offline data management.


    Presentation - Link 2016 - Simplification Story: The Implementation of Designer Express at Southern Company

    This presentation showcased how Designer Express allowed Georgia Power Company to simplify data, workflows, and user experience all while gaining performance and efficiency throughout the organization. With Designer Express, Georgia Power Company also achieved its primary goal of simplification, specifically employing as little custom code as possible while preserving workflows.


    Presentation - Link 2016 - Putting the Express in Designer Express

    View a demonstration of Designer Express, including how to create and manage designs, as well as how to set up and administer the application. Learn to simplify graphic work design jobs so designers can focus on design needs and GIS editors can handle the heavy lifting of the GIS requirements.


    Presentation - Link 2016 - Designing the Future

    Hear about the road ahead for ArcFM design products, the underlying technologies behind the applications, the migration and readiness plans, and discover how to get involved. Design has an exciting outlook and we want user feedback to ensure the best future for graphic work design in the ArcFM Solution!


    Presentation - Link 2016 - ArcFM Web

    Extend GIS capabilities with our new HTML5/JavaScript-based ArcFM Web solution that provides flexible access to your asset, infrastructure and network information. This presentation covered the product from end to end, including today’s functionality and what’s planned for the future.


    Access the Best of Link!


    Check out Opening Day highlight videos including the Customer Panel, State of the Union by Jay Stinson, ArcFM Technology Update by Matt Zimmerman, and the Esri Technology Update by Jeff Rashid/Esri.



    Inspirational Keynote



    The engaging keynote speaker, Colonel Rick Searfoss was another highlight. An astronaut and shuttle commander, Searfoss delivered powerful messages about reaching goals and building high-performing teams.




    And of course, there was a lot of fun! For the first time, we offered a beer pairing dinner and a brewery tour, among other events. We know that great networking also happens outside of the typical work day!




    Thank you again for making Link 2016 a success! Don’t forget to check out exchange for all of the presentations from Link 2016!





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    Customer Spotlight: Collaborating with ArcFM Customers on Innovative Projects


    We are honored to work with customers on innovative projects that showcase unique experiences, and that can serve as models for others. Here are just a few of those!



    Portland General Electric sought to perform a complete analysis and review of its implementation plans. The project also included the creation of a framework to define, measure, and improve performance for ArcFM Designer, Conduit Manager, UFM, OHDA, and ArcFM Viewer. Portland General Electric worked with Schneider Electric to re-architect, develop and implement a solution for improved work and asset management system functionality, thereby improving system efficiency, speed and client satisfaction.



    Southern Company needed to develop custom tools that enabled better efficiency in design workflows. To do this, it sought to roll out both Designer and Designer Express in the same database in a way that only Designers see Designer tasks and Designer Express users see only Designer Express tasks. With Schneider Electric, the utility implemented a comprehensive set of custom tools for designers that automate target tasks in the design workflow. Southern Company now has improved efficiency and cost savings; improved customer experience through increased ease-of use; and streamlined workflow that saves significant user interaction time.


    We are continuously working with customers seeking to push the envelope and leverage GIS for better operations and service. Our collaborative approach enables and supports innovative projects like these to help our customers power the future!




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    Meet Our Professional Services Team!

    This team is committed to providing the best expertise and service in the industry. We are honored to serve you!



    Dave Gallelli, Solution Architect

    Dave has 20 years of experience and has held many positions in the industry, such as application analyst, project manager and director of implementation. Dave is an expert in the ArcFM suite of applications, including general implementation guidance and deployment support. He works with client partners, as well as product development and service delivery colleagues, to design enterprise GIS and OMS solutions for the utility sector.


    Betsy Rush, Senior Project Manager

    Betsy has participated in all project phases of ArcFM implementations, from writing proposals to closing out warranties, along with managing ArcFM and AMI product implementations. Her projects have run the gamut, from data migrations and product customizations, mobile, web and outage management implementations, to integrations from SAP to ABB CADOPS. Betsy directs large teams of on and off-shore developers, business analysts, and architects, and she provides technical leadership in data modeling, application configurations and extensions, documentation, testing, upgrades, releases and deployments.


    Stetson Weddle, Implementation Specialist

    Stetson has 14 years of experience with the foundation ArcFM solution product and provides a strong basis for all Schneider Electric implementations. He has implemented, designed and built customer Responder applications and lent his expertise to many Responder projects. From leading CU workshops to constructing useful real-world business processes and developing custom Designer applications, Stetson has assisted in numerous Designer implementations. He also leads database design workshops for Fiber Manager and consults with third-party developers in providing a finished solution.


    John Marquez, Software Engineer

    John has 20 years with Schneider Electric/Telvent/Miner & Miner, during which he has supported the development of the initial Common Information Model messaging framework that extends the ArcFM Network Adapter framework. This framework is used for exchanging the substation/distribution network data stored in the GIS with external systems. Among other duties, he is responsible for developing unit and systems tests during the design and development process.


    Michael Crawford, Senior Project Manager

    Michael has more than 12 customer implementations of the ArcFM suite of products, ranging from new implementations to product upgrades. His projects have included many ArcFM products, as well as data migration and integrations to third party applications. Project sizes have ranged from small (less than five end users) to large (more than than 100 end users).


    Ramesh Cowlagi, Solution Architect

    Ramesh has held several positions with us and has expertise in the ArcFM solution, including end-to-end enterprise GIS, integration, workflow, Designer, OMS, application design, development and deployment, as well as electric and gas. His projects have included Singapore Power, SEMPRA, Hydro One, Consumers Energy, and many others.


    Chuck Horne, Solution Architect

    Throughout his 15 years at Schneider Electric/Telvent/Miner & Miner, Chuck has gained extensive experience with the automation of business rules, geometric network tracing, conflicts and other reconcile/post processing challenges, as well as automated map generation. He designed, developed and delivered secondary circuit analysis and cable pulling tools for a major customer unsatisfied with the core product tools for those tasks. Along with general implementation of design-related business rules and reconcile-posting automation, Chuck has developed multiple toolsets to convert earlier or non-Esri GIS design systems into Designs in the Schneider Electric Designer product format.




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    What’s Projectware and How Can It Help You?


    You face a huge range of challenges every day, but the answer to those challenges isn’t always a new solution or tool. Sometimes, repurposing an existing solution can help you address the problem more quickly and inexpensively.


    Projectware is a set of tools developed by our Professional Services team (and supported through ESM) that can be repurposed for a variety of scenarios with little or no modifications. Let’s look at a few examples:


    Outage Map


    As part of our outage management system, customers have requested a public-facing map that highlights incidents and an estimated time to restoration. Our team can implement an ArcGIS online solution that uses a light-weight Responder integration service for pushing outage details to the public domain. This solution can be quickly deployed, and it includes integration support, new releases, feature enhancements and support. A utility now has improved communication and transparency, as the public can determine if they are impacted by an outage and the estimated restoration time.


    Designer Dashboard

    designdashboard.jpgWe received feedback requesting that Designer sites include an easy way to summarize active construction work in a service area. Many users were limited to using their WMS or creating custom searches and reports within Workflow Manager. To address this, we repurposed the ArcGIS Online web map to provide the back drop for summarizing design work, including cost, materials and job assignments. Now, customers have simple graphs and pie charts that summarize design and GIS data for all consumers of utility data.











    With repurposed tools like these, our customers can solve common challenges more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.



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    Webinar: What’s New in ArcFM Mobile and ArcFM Web?arcfm.jpg


    Did you miss our webinar on April 13? Or maybe you just want to review all the exciting information? Either way, we have you covered. View the webinar here in exchange to get up to speed on the new capabilities in ArcFM Mobile and ArcFM Web.


    Here’s a sneak peek at what the webinar covers…

    For ArcFM Mobile 3.0 (released March 30)

    • Easy administration of offline content and the option to organize by region.
    • Intuitive map viewing with improved online vs. offline display.
    • Support for gigabytes of offline data and hundreds or thousands of mobile users.


    For ArcFM Web 4.5 (coming late April)

    • The latest core enhancements in the 4.5 release – including saving and sharing project files.
    • New electric, gas and water tracing capabilities to solve network based problems.
    • Additional strategies to help expand the value of your GIS across your organization.


    ArcFM Mobile and ArcFM Web have exciting new capabilities to improve the speed, ease and productivity of your work. View the rebroadcast to learn the latest!




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    icon_tools_yellow_white_80x78.pngTips and Tricks: Graphics and Autotext


    Did you know there’s a Tips & Tricks page on exchange, where we walk you through a helpful ArcFM task each month?


    This month, we’re tackling Graphics and Autotext. We have compiled a host of tips designed to sharpen the display and design of information on your ArcFM maps.


    Don’t forget, you have to be a member of exchange to view the information. You can use the following link to request access.



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    Upcoming Events


    Utilities Telecom Council 2016

    May 3-6, 2016

    Denver, Colorado



    Esri User Conference

    June 27 - July 1, 2016

    San Diego, California



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