FAQ - ArcFM - Organizing ArcFM Edit Tasks within the Editor Toolbar

Version 2



    Is there an easy way to organize ArcFM-related edit tasks within the Editor toolbar?





    Depending upon the type of edit required, it may be necessary in certain editing situations to use a different edit task from a feature’s configured default. For example, when an ArcFM feature is initially sent to the Targets tab of the ArcFM Attribute Editor for sketching, ‘Create ArcFM Feature’ may be specified as the edit task. When adding the feature to the map, you can use the edit tasks drop-down within the Editor toolbar to specify a different editing option.


    The arrangement and organization of the edit tasks can be changed to help you locate and select ArcFM-specific edit tasks more easily.


    Use the following steps as a guide to reordering and organizing the available tasks:


    1. Start ArcMap and verify that the Editor toolbar is active.
    2. Within the toolbar's ‘Editor’ menu, select Options.
    3. Access the Edit Tasks tab within the Editing Options dialog.
    4. Use the available buttons to reorder and organize the ArcFM edit tasks.


    5. Start an edit session and access the list of edit tasks within the Editor toolbar.
    6. Verify that the ArcFM tasks are organized and ordered as intended.