Solution - Responder - Responder Windows Service Crashes with TCP Port Error

Version 2



    The Responder Windows Service is unable to stay running, and the following error is logged in the event log:


    2016-02-15 12:05:16,543 [10] ERROR Miner.Responder.WindowsService.ResponderService [(null)] - Unhandled exception

    System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host




    The port is closed by the web service after certain types of connection attempts. This can be caused by a user being on the configuration page, or by another process attempting to communicate with the port to which the Windows Service is bound. This causes the Responder Windows Service to bind to the next failover port when it starts, since it detects the earlier port is still in use.




    The code has been changed in 10.2.1c to remedy this. A temporary workaround to prevent the service from crashing is to disable the web server for the Windows Service. However, this prohibits you from using the configuration page, and all configuration changes need to be made directly in the file.


    1. Open the Miner.Responder.WindowsService.exe.config located in the responder\server folder.
    2. Change the following value to false:

      2016-03-23 09_11_15-Miner.Responder.WindowsService.exe.config - Microsoft Visual Studio.jpg

    3. Save the configuration file and restart the Responder Windows Service.


    You can also modify this configuration file to change the amount of processes that are started by the Responder Service, if necessary. Each of the processes has a count variable that can be adjusted.