FAQ - ArcFM - Changing the ArcFM Field Display Order

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    I need to group similar, important, and/or commonly viewed attribute fields for a feature class. Is there any way to organize a feature's field display order?




    ArcFM provides a number of ways to view attribute information for specific features. The ArcFM Identify tool and the ArcFM Attribute Editor can each be used to display the field order and associated values when sketching, selecting, editing, or identifying a feature. The order of the displayed attribute fields can be changed to help users easily locate similar or important values within the list.


    Use the following steps to change the attribute field display order:  


    1. In ArcCatalog, right-click a feature class and open the ArcFM Properties Manager.
    2. Click the Field Display tab and view the current field display order.
    3. Select a field name and use the arrow buttons to reposition the attribute within the list.