FAQ - ArcFM - Viewing Autoupdater Assignments for Feature Classes

Version 3



    Is there an easy way in ArcCatalog to quickly view all the class and field autoupdater assignments for a feature class?




    Autoupdaters can be assigned to a feature class using the ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog. Autoupdaters are available for assignment at both the class and field level.



    In ArcFM version 10.1.1, an Autoupdaters tab was added that enables you to quickly view any assigned autoupdaters. When an individual feature class is selected, the Autoupdaters tab displays all the autoupdaters assigned at both the class and field level.


    The Autoupdaters tab can also be used to identify feature classes within a particular dataset that have a specific autoupdater assigned.


    1. Using ArcCatalog, select a specific dataset within the database
    2. Access the Autoupdaters tab and use the drop-down menus to choose an edit condition and autoupdater.
    3. Click the Search button to view objects that are assigned to each autoupdater.