2016 Q1 ArcFM Mobile Release Notes

Version 12

    Installation Instructions


    ArcFM Mobile App (iPad)

    After installing the prerequisites as detailed here: GIS - Supported Versions - ArcFM Mobile for iPad, you can install the ArcFM Mobile app for iPad.

    1. Go to ArcFM Mobile Downloads or search for ArcFM Mobile in the Apple App Store.
    2. Download the ArcFM Mobile app from the App Store.
    3. Click Install to initiate installation.
    4. When the installation is complete, tap the ArcFM Mobile icon to open the App.


    ArcFM Mobile 3.0 for iPad Release - March 30, 2016


    What's New in ArcFM Mobile (iPad)

    • Users can select from multiple pre-generated "offline packages" to quickly download only the data they need.
    • Users can select a background from a list of both offline or online base maps.  Previously only one or the other was available.
    • Users only have to select the data display they want to see; for example, electric distribution. The app automatically displays all available operational data based on their connectivity and previously downloaded data.


    Known Issues

    • iPad 2 and iPad 3 users might experience slower performance.
    • The map re-zooms to the selected operational map after checking for new maps.
    • Duplicate layers and symbols are displayed when both offline and online data are in the map.