Post Show Esri Partner Conference 2016

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    Schneider Electric Geospatial had another fantastic week at the Esri Partner Conference in Palm Springs this year. Our leadership team and international sales team met with 17 different partners while at EPC. The message of ArcFM XI from Link was heard loud and clear at our Partner Breakfast that was very well attended. Our new sales leadership, excellent alignment with Esri and the message about ArcFM XI ensure that the future of ArcFM is strong, our partnerships will grow in the future and together we will bridge our customers to the ArcFM XI series incrementally. We thank those of you that met with us.


    If you were not able to attend, please reach out to your regional manager Dave Magee, Philip Dodds, Thiago Carvalho or Danny Petrecca to ensure you are properly equipped to sell the ArcFM Solution in 2016 and beyond.