How To - Web Mapping Service - Adding WMS Content to ArcGIS Online

Version 2

    In this how-to, we will walk through adding WeatherSentry® web mapping service (WMS) data into in ArcGIS Online

    1) Add the WeatherSentry WMS host name "" into your ArcGIS Online Oganization's list of Trusted Servers. Outlined in ArcGIS Online Security Settings

    WeatherSentry WMS services are served over both HTTP and HTTPS.

    2) Create a new map or open an existing map in ArcGIS Online

    2016-03-02 12_20_05-TestMap.png

    3) Click "Add" and select "Add Layer from Web"

    2016-03-02 12_21_10-TestMap-add-data.png

    4) Select "A WMS OGC Service" from the drop down

    2016-03-02 12_22_19-TestMap-AddLayer.png

    5) Add the WMS server URL to the URL box:     


    Leave the "Use as Basemap" unchecked


    Click "Add Layer"


    2016-03-02 12_26_30-TestMap-OGCWMSURL.png

    6)  Add your WMS credentials when prompted.

    CREDENTIALS- 2016-03-02 12_29_51-TestMap - Internet Explorer provided by Schneider Electric.png


    7) The layers are added to your map!


    LAYERSADDED-2016-03-02 12_32_14-TestMap - Internet Explorer provided by Schneider Electric.png