What's New in 10.2.1b SP1?

Version 8

    This page outlines what's new in the current release. If you are upgrading from more than one release prior, it is important to review all What's New pages for each release between your original release and the release to which you are upgrading. You do not need to install each release between, only follow the upgrade steps and review the What's New pages. The current release installer will provide all functionality enhancements since your original version.



    The ArcFM Desktop installer allows you to upgrade ArcFM as well as the Designer, Conduit Manager, and Redliner extensions. Current licenses are required to run these ArcFM Desktop extensions. You can request a license via exchange.


    To upgrade to ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1b SP1, you must have ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1b installed.


    If you upgrade to SP1, you must upgrade all ArcFM products. We do not support mixed versions of different ArcFM Solution products.


    There is no new functionality in the 10.2.1b SP1 release of ArcFM Solution, so within each application's ReadMe file we have prepared searchable lists of bug fixes that are included in SP1. All patches released on ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1b are automatically included in ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1b SP1.


    The following are links to all bug fixes included in SP1 based on application:




    Designer Express

    Network Adaptor Classic