FAQ - ArcFM - What are the Barrier Options for the Gas Pressure System Trace?

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    What are the Gas Pressure System Trace options and how do they work?



    The Pressure System Trace Barriers can be specified in the Options menu of the ArcFM Gas Traces toolbar:



    The options are defined as follows:

    • All regulators: This trace will stop at all feature classes with the REGULATOR class model name. It does not take into account the Gas Pressure System Status or any differences in inlet and outlet pressure.
    • Regulators with different inlet and outlet pressures:  This trace will actually stop at Regulators as well as other configured barriers, such as Town Border Stations and Gas Valves. It will consider the Gas Trace Weight field, in particular bit 17 (Gas Tracing - Junctions). In order of precedence, the trace will consider features with the following field model names as barriers:
      • NORMALPOSITION: usually assigned to the Normal Position field on Gas Valves; the Normal Position can either be Open (bit 17 = 0) or Closed (bit 17 = 1).
      • GASPRESSURESYSTEMSTATUS: can be assigned to the Gas Pressure System Status field of features, such as Town Border Stations; the Status can indicate that the features is a Boundary (bit 17 = 1) or Not a Boundary (bit 17 = ??).
      • SOPIN and SOPOUT: these are assigned to the System Operating Pressure - In and the System Operating Pressure - Out fields.