ArcFM certification for Windows 10

Version 1

    We are pleased to announce that ArcFM Solution 10.2.1b SP1 desktop products are now certified for the Windows 10 operating system.   So, you can now enjoy the use of ArcFM, Designer, Fiber Manager or any other ArcFM desktop extensions at 10.2.1b SP1 on a Windows 10 operating system. Our remaining server-based products that include Responder and Geodatabase Replication will be certified at the 10.2.1c release, coming in spring, 2016.


    Please note: at the time of this statement, Esri has not yet certified the ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.1 release on Windows 10.   Esri plans to certify ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.1 for Windows 10 in a coming UTUP; there are no specific release dates yet.


    For further details on support for various operating systems, please visit GIS - Supported Versions - 10.2.1a - 10.2.1c ArcFM Desktop, Designer, Designer Express, Network Adapter, Fiber Manager, Conduit Manager, License Manager, and Object Reader for Desktop