ArcMap crashing after applying ArcGIS Oracle CPU October 2014 Connection Issue Patch

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    After installing the ArcGIS Oracle Critical Patch Update - October 2014 patch, ArcMap crashes, usually when editing and typically with no warning. No relevant errors are seen in the log files.


    ArcGIS Patch ArcGIS 'Oracle Critical Patch Update - October 2014' Connection Issue Patch | Samples and Utilities




    After applying the Esri patch, ArcGIS looks for an OPEN_CURSORS entry in SDE.SERVER_CONFIG. If not found, ArcGIS assumes a default value of 300.




    Check SDE's server_config OPEN_CURSORS parameter. The value should match the value of OPEN_CURSORS in Oracle. Use the follow information to add the parameter to sde.server_config:


    SQL> insert into sde.server_config (prop_name,char_prop_value,num_prop_value)

         values ('OPEN_CURSORS',NULL,4000);


    The above example sets the OPEN_CURSORS parameter to 4000.


    Esri is currently investigating this issue.