ArcFM Licensing explained

Version 3

    ArcFM licensing includes a ArcFM License Server, ArcFM license file, and a ArcFM client.


    single-use or "single use" license exception

    Customers with a large quantity of ArcFM licenses may opt to purchase the single use or single-user license. Instructions for this type of license is different from the information provided here.


    1. ArcFM xml license file is issued for all products, including the quantity needed.

    2. This license file is uploaded to the ArcFM License Server.

    3. All ArcFM clients point to the ArcFM License Server with Desktop Administrator to get a license.


    Alternatively each ArcFM client can be a ArcFM License Server & point to itself for licenses. This eliminates the need for the ArcFM client to have network access to a license server. The downside is license updates requires a new license file for each client.


    ArcFM License Server

    Any computer with the ArcFM License Manager program installed is considered a ArcFM License Server. When installed the program is found in START > ArcFM Solution > License Manager.


    License Updater lets you upload a ArcFM xml license file. In the example below there is quantity 1 for ArcFM (means ArcFM Desktop) & Conduit Manager, an extension to ArcFM Desktop.

    There is no appending additional licenses to an existing license file. To "update" a license file requires Schneider to issue the customer with a new license that includes all ArcFM Products and quantity needed. This new license file replaces the existing license file on the ArcFM License Server.


    ArcFM license

    Licenses for ArcFM products are issued in a single xml file that is then loaded onto the ArcFM LIcense Server. If issued a new license there is no actual license "update" - the new license replaces the old one. Only one xml license file can be installed at any given time.


    ArcFM Client

    Any computer with a ArcFM product installed is considered an ArcFM client. To get licenses the ArcFM client needs to point to the ArcFM License Server using Desktop Administrator.

    In the example above the ArcFM Client is pointing to localhost, which is itself. This client has ArcFM License Manager installed so its pointing to itself. If your ArcFM License Server is external the Floating LIcense Server must be the hostname or IP address of that server. Depending on your Windows domain configuration this might be just the hostname or the fully qualified domain name.


    Troubleshooting licensing issues


    The specified server name(s) are either not reachable, or are invalid."


    The most common error is when the ArcFM client Floating LIcense Server is not set for an actual ArcFM License Server or cannot find it. In the following example Desktop Administrator is looking for a computer with the hostname Terri on the domain...and is not finding it.

    1. Try the IP address instead of hostname. If this fails trying the hostname or fully qualified name is unlikely to work.

    2. Try the hostname alone

    3. Try pinging the server hostname from your client. If it works you may ask "why does a ping work yet Desktop Administrator still cannot see the server?". Desktop Administrator requires more than what ping requires to successfully get ArcFM Licenses


    What's needed on the license server end


    - ArcFM License Manager needs to be installed

    - ArcFM License Manager needs valid ArcFM licenses installed

    -  the license service  must be running. For ArcFM 10.1.1 or higher this service is called ArcFM Solution License Manager.

    -  ArcFM License Manager is listening on port 29001. This port needs to be open. Security may have this port blocked on server or client side.

    Security can include firewalls from the Microsoft OS or other firewalls such as from Norton Symantec Products.


    Symantec Firewall  Configure License Manager with Firewall


    License Checkout Failure error messages