ArcFM Feeder Map

Version 17

    Esri, a strategic partner of Schneider Electric, provides the ArcGIS Solutions website to provide ready-to-use maps, apps, and platform configurations that users can download for quick-deploy solutions. Embracing the ArcGIS Online (AGOL), and Portal for ArcGIS technology, we have published a sample ArcFM Feeder Map for utilities to test future deployments of an electric feeder map.


    Utilities can employ similar maps to view their electric networks in a browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Connected to the relevant organizational AGOL or Portal account, the data the map displays is as up-to-date as the utility's data. Use this sample as a starting point in leveraging the map's underlying technology to build your own ArcFM Feeder Map.

    The sample map does not require ArcFM Server. This example uses ArcFM data, however, so you will need ArcFM Object Reader (both 32-bit and 64-bit) installed on your ArcGIS Server box if you do not have ArcFM Server already installed.


    The following steps all assume you are working in version 10.2 or later (10.2.1 recommended).

    1. Download the file from ArcGIS Solutions - You will need an Esri account for downloading.
    2. Unzip the contents of the .zip file onto a machine with ArcGIS for Desktop installed with either ArcFM Desktop or ArcFM Object Reader available.
    3. The zip file contains a Maps and GDB directory with a sample geodatabase named ArcFM_Electric_Sample.gdb (a subset of our larger sample data available in GIS Downloads). You can create a connection to the folder in ArcCatalog and review the geodatabase if you want.
    4. The Maps and GDB folder also contains an ArcFM_Feeder.mxd file. Double-click the file to open in ArcMap.
    5. If you have a blank map, you will need to repair your data sources. Right-Click a layer in the Table of Contents > Data > Repair Data Source and point it to the relevant data in the provided geodatabase. All data sources should resolve after correcting the pointer to one.
    6. In ArcMap, click File > Save to save the updated layers. Your map should look similar to the following image.
    7. Click File > Share As > Service... and follow the wizard to publish the map as a service to your ArcGIS for Server. This process copies the entire ArcFM_Electric_Sample geodatabase to your ArcGIS server.
    8. Once the map service is published, copy the map service URL from ArcGIS for Server and add it to a webmap in AGOL or Portal.
    9. You now have an ArcFM feeder map displayed in AGOL or Portal


    We provide the ArcFM Feeder Map sample as a simplified example of how utilities can incorporate ArcFM with AGOL and Portal. While the sample requires publishing a file geodatabase; the more common practice is to publish services from a multi-user database. These services can be map services for viewing, or feature services for editing capabilities.


    • A map services requires at least ArcFM Object Reader to be installed on the ArcGIS Server machine.
    • A feature service requires ArcFM Server to be installed on the ArcGIS Server machine. With this extension installed, a feature service has to be published with the ArcFM capability in order to execute any AutoUpdaters.


    For production maps, you will want to understand and administer AGOL and Portal organization settings, configure the security and other details for the website, and manage both members and resources.

    If your organization needs help with ArcFM integration on AGOL or Portal for ArcGIS, contact our GIS Client Services group for peerless expertise in the ArcFM Solution. You will also benefit from our Platinum-level partnership with Esri.