How-To - ArcFM - View Current State of Sessions

Version 1



    The states (Initiated, In Progress, Completed, etc.) of all outstanding nodes (Session, Design, Work Request, etc.) are recorded in the MM_CURRENT_STATE table.


    Records for the session node are stored in the MM_SESSION table.


    In order to view the current status of sessions, the MM_PX_STATE and MM_PX_NODE_TYPE tables are referenced:



    The MM_PX_CURRENT_STATE.SOID field can refer to a Session ID or Work Request ID depending on the NODE_TYPE_ID to which the STATE_ID is related.


    With Process Framework Administration Tool's built-in MMSessionManager extension, a NODE_TYPE_ID of '3' corresponds to the session node.


    The following query will return sessions, their current states, and the current owners:


    CurrentState.SOID as SessionID,

    NodeType.NODE_TYPE_ID as NodeTypeID,

    NodeType.Name as NodeTypeName,

    CurrentState.STATE_ID as StateID,

    PxState.NAME as StateName,

    MMSession.CURRENT_OWNER as CurrentOwner


    from process.MM_PX_CURRENT_STATE CurrentState

    inner join process.MM_PX_STATE PxState on PxState.STATE_ID = CurrentState.STATE_ID

    inner join process.MM_PX_NODE_TYPE NodeType on NodeType.NODE_TYPE_ID = PxState.NODE_TYPE_ID

    inner join process.MM_SESSION as MMSession on MMSession.SESSION_ID = CurrentState.SOID


    where NodeType.NODE_TYPE_ID = 3