Solution - Fiber Manager - Unable to place point features on a Fiber Optic Cable

Version 5


    The error message below is written to the Miner event log when attempting to place a point feature, such as a Splice Point or Transition Point, on a Fiber Optic Cable. Users are unable to place the point feature, which has the "ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Splitter" autoupdater assigned to the On Feature Create event.


    2016-01-25 14:25:06,745 [1] ERROR Miner.Framework.FiberManager.SheathSplit [(null)] - Sheath split AU error

    System.InvalidOperationException: Locator Provider was not set.

      at SE.ArcFM.FiberManager.Contracts.FiberServiceLocator.get_Current()

      at Miner.Framework.FiberManager.SheathSplit.SplitSheathUsingPoint(IFeature pointFeature)

      at Miner.Framework.FiberManager.SheathSplit.Execute(IObject pObj, mmAutoUpdaterMode eAuMode, mmEditEvent eEvent)

    {log4net:HostName=W7USH9WKXZ1L, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}



    The Fiber Manager toolbar is not active. This has been identified as a bug CLS-59511.



    Add the Fiber Manager toolbar to the document. If the Fiber Manager toolbar is already present, close the toolbar, then completely close ArcMap. Re-open ArcMap and re-add the Fiber Manager toolbar.