FAQ - Geodatabase Manager - Best Practices for Geodatabase Manager

Version 4



    Does Schneider Electric have any recommended configuration settings or workflows for customers using Geodatabase Manager?




    1) Ensure that no editing of the geodatabase's versioned tables occurs when the scheduled posting process occurs. Although edits to unversioned tables are fine, editing a versioned table while Geodatabase Manager is posting will cause the posting process for that version to fail.


    2) Implement a transition and task in Process Framework Administrator to send sessions and designs back to In Editing from their Waiting for Post state. This task can be used for the In Conflict state when doing the post's reconcile, as well as the Validation Error for running QA/QC and Post Error during the post. This will allow users to reopen the session or design as a session or design, which eliminates the need to edit the version through the version management tools.


    3) If mid-day updates to SDE.Default are expected and need to be seen by users as soon as possible, consider setting a 24/7 reconcile schedule to discover and and immediately push these edits out to sessions and designs. Otherwise, users won't see those changes without a manual reconcile during the day, or until after the night-time reconcile process.


    4) If ArcFM Geodatabase Replication is also in use, ensure that the versions created and managed by each Replica are in the GDBM_NO_RECONCILE_VERSIONS table. Reconciling the versions used by replication will cause replication to skip all edits applied through the reconcile. This table can be edited with any of your preferred SQL tools to add these rows.


    5) Ensure that you register your GDBM tables with the geodatabase, but do not register them as versioned. Registering the tables with the geodatabase allows them to be edited within ArcMap, which is done when submitting versions for posting. However, registering them as versioned causes each version to create its own posting queue, none of which would be seen by the Geodatabase Manager process.


    6) Be very careful turning off the setting "Abort if Conflicts" for the reconcile process or the reconcile stage of the post process. Conflict resolution rarely allows for a firm rule of always resolving in favor for the target or edit version, and a mismatch between the automatic conflict resolution results and the desired result will likely happen nightly. Although it requires manual intervention by the user, leaving this option checks ensures an opportunity to resolve all conflicts correctly rather than hoping to catch any mistakes from the automatic behavior.