Solution - Fiber Manager - Error when attempting to create a new circuit after upgrading to 10.2.1a

Version 1



    After upgrading Fiber Manager to release 10.2.1a or newer, from release 10.2.1 or earlier, attempting to create a new circuit in Circuit Manager produces an error for the field value in FIBERCIRCUITGRAPH, similar to the following:


    Create new Circuit test1: An unexpected failure occurred.

    Invalid column value [FIBERCIRCUITGRAPH]





    The size of the text field FIBERCIRCUITGRAPH, which was added to the CIRCUIT table for the upgrade to 10.2.1a, is insufficient for the length required by the new circuit. Ensure that the length value for this field is the recommended length of >4000.


    Solution or  Workaround


    Modify the FIBERCIRCUITGRAPH field to the recommended length. If the table is versioned and already has circuit entries added to it, it may be simpler to add a new field to the CIRCUIT table and move the FIBERCIRCUITGRAPH model name to the new field. Be sure to copy the contents of the original FIBERCIRCUITGRAPH field over to the new one for the existing entries in the table.