FAQ - ArcFM Server - ArcGIS for Server geoprocessing with ArcFM Features

Version 2


    Can ArcFM Features be used with an ArcGIS for Server geoprocessing service?



    When running a geoprocessing service against a feature class, an edit operation is started with that feature class, regardless of the type of geoprocessing command used. Although installing ArcFM Server on ArcGIS for Server will supply the necessary functionality for a geoprocessing service to understand and read from an ArcFM feature class, ArcFM licensing capabilities are only available for mapping services. Without a license, the geoprocessing service will be unable to interact with an ArcFM feature class.


    Users can convert the feature class back to an Esri feature class for use with the geoprocessing service by copying the feature class or geodatabase for the specific use of the service. Alternatively, a geoprocessing script for use with the ArcGIS for Desktop 32-bit python environment can be used, as described in How-To - Work with ArcFM features in Python.


    If support for ArcGIS for Server geoprocessing services would be useful to your workflow, please let us know by submitting an idea at ArcFM.