How To - Fiber Manager - Move a Riser That Has Been Placed at the Wrong Location

Version 3

    Use Case


    Sooner or later, updates need to be made to your GIS model. When one of these updates involves moving or deleting a Riser feature that has been placed along the length of a Fiber Optic Cable feature, there are some steps that must be taken to maintain the proper connectivity of the Fiber Manager data. Simply disconnecting the riser from another geometric network, and moving or deleting it, will introduce errors to the data that will cause future problems.


    How To Move or Delete a Riser along a Fiber Optic Cable Feature


    This assumes that a minor edit, such as moving the riser along the length of the fiber cable without actually disconnecting it, will not suffice to properly position the feature.


    In these cases, the current riser will need to be deleted and replaced:

      1. Select the riser feature. On the Attribute Editor's "Selection" tab, right-click and select "Send To Targets"
        • Alternatively, record any information from the fields of the incorrect Riser object that need added to the replacement feature
      2. Delete the erroneous riser
      3. Merge the remaining fiber cables that remain on either side
      4. Recreate the connections at the other (non-riser) end of the cable segment that were lost during the merge operation
      5. Change the Overhead/Underground status of the merged cable, as necessary
      6. Place a new Riser feature at the correct location, using the copy that was saved to the "Targets" tab
        • Alternatively, place a new feature and add the information saved in step 1
      7. Update the Overhead/Underground information on the newly split cables, as necessary