How To - Fiber Manager - Merge Two Fiber Optic Cables

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    Use Case


    It is common to find that earlier edits to the GIS Fiber Manager data need to be updated and changed, either to correct past mistakes or to update the model to reflect the as-built status of what was actually constructed in the real world. When doing this, it is often necessary to reconnect two edges of a Fiber Optic Cable feature that have previously been split by, for example, placing a Splice feature or a Transition Point feature. This isn't too difficult to do, but there are a few key steps that must be implemented to ensure that there are no errors introduced into the Fiber Manager connectivity data.


    How to Merge Two Fiber Optic Cables


    1. Remove any current geometric network junctions (e.g., Splice feature) at the location where the cables will be merged. Typically, the deletion of these features is the reason that the fiber cable needs to be merged.
    2. Decide which Fiber Cable on either side of the junction will be preserved during the merge. The other will be removed, and any related connections to it will also be deleted.
    3. Make a record of any connections that will need to be restored at the opposite end of the segment that will be removed.
      • For example, take screenshots of the connections inside Connection Manager, to ensure the correct order of connections can be restored at the patch location or splice that is currently connected to the cable to be deleted.
      • Often there is a written record of what this should be, so this may not be a necessary step.
    4. Select just the two segments to be joined, and then select the ArcGIS "Merge..." tool from the Editor drop-down list in the middle of the "Editor" toolbar.


    5. In the list of segments, choose the segment to keep in the "Merge" dialogue box, then select "OK."


      • The selected cables are merged to a single feature.
    6. If there are any slack-loops along the newly merged cable, you will need to force another shape edit that ArcFM can catch, to fire the "ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Length" autoupdater and properly update the fiber cable's effective length.
      • The simplest way to do this is to use the Edit tool edittool.pngto select the cable; double-click the cable to highlight the vertices of the segment; right-click on a section along the length of the cable; and select the "Add Vertex" option from the context menu. This minor edit will force the cable length to synchronize with the slack-loop features along its length.
    7. Replace any connections at the end of the merged cable, in which the connections to the cable NOT chosen in the merge will have been deleted.