FAQ - Fiber Manager - How Do I Model Slack Loops Inside Splice Points or Patch Locations?

Version 2


    How should I represent a slack loop at a splice or a patch location?  Placing the loop on top of the other feature doesn't make things work the way I prefer.



    Since splices, patch locations, and slack loops are all junctions of the geometric network, they should not be placed at coincident points. The fiber cable features cannot connect an end to more than one junction.


    The recommended workflow for placing slack-loop features is to split an existing cable when placing the slack-loop feature. This allows Fiber Manager to keep the cable segments of either side of the loop related as one cable, and having the loop along the cable length eliminates confusion regarding the loop being associated with the correct cable.


    For modeling slack loops that are actually inside what is represented by another point feature (e.g., a patch location), you need to place the loop near, but not on, the existing junction, along the cable to which the loop is associated.