Solution - Wavepoint - Definition Queries in Fiber Manager Feature Layers Cause Errors

Version 1


    An error is displayed when trying to view a splice in Wavepoint, and the "Cables" tab for the splice will not display.



    Including a definition query in the Fiber Optic Cable layer that is used to publish the Wavepoint map service will produce an error such as this. Due to the way that Wavepoint performs traces and populates information for the Cables tab, definition queries on the layers of the network features are likely to cause problems when information is displayed in the Wavepoint service.


    Solution or  Workaround

    Instead of a definition query, modify the symbology of the layer to control which features are displayed.

    For example, to hide Fiber Optic Cables that are proposed rather than actually in the field, include the field that indicates that the feature is part of a proposed design as a basis for the layer's symbology, and specify a line with "No Color" for the features that are not commissioned.