Game On!

Version 18




    We’ve introduced a new Game On! game series in exchange to help you engage with all aspects of the community and reward you for your efforts at the same time. You and your community peers will now earn points just for engaging in exchange, and badges for completing key missions in community. All those points and badges will help to showcase your accomplishments for all to see, and build your reputation in the community!


    The essential elements of our game series are Levels, Points, Missions (with badges), and our new Reputation Center.


    LevelsThe points you earn help you achieve higher levels within the game. The higher your level, the more admiration you get from your peers.
    PointsAlmost everything you do in community will award points. The more points you get, the more points you have.
    MissionsWe've created named missions that challenge you to complete specific tasks and reward cool badges for success. Complete them all, more are on the way.
    Reputation CenterThe Game On! command center. Check out your level, points total, badges won, and missions still to complete.


    The system will provide real-time feedback on your progress toward achieving goals, whether you're earning points, leveling up, or getting a new badge for completing a mission. Once you see yourself earning a few points, you just want to earn more!



    Game On! is being brought to you before the clock strikes twelve on New Years Eve! It's our way of bringing a little light to those short winter days, and our way of ushering in 2016 with a bang.



    Everyone in community will begin earning points for activity in exchange. Simply logging in to exchange initiates a mission with a badge to be earned.



    You'll be "gaming" everywhere within the community. Feedback about your progress on missions will be apparent in several places within the community.  Look for “Points Total” on the top menu bar, next to your name. You can check out your Reputation in the new Reputation Center by visiting your user profile. Check out our "Reputation Standings" leader board to determine how you rank among others members.





    The complete list of levels is below, along with the required number of points you will need to achieve each rank.


    LevelIconPoints Needed
    First Timerone.png0


    Points for Activities


    Points drive the mechanics behind Game On! You amass points by completing actions in the community. The list below details each action and the number of points you get for that action. Most actions have a limit to the number of times you can complete them in a day to get points. This in no way affects your ability to complete an action, just how many times you can accumulate points. For example, you can earn ten points the first time you log in each day. You can continue logging in and out of exchange as needed, but you will only get the points for the first time each day.


    ActionPointsDaily MaxDescription
    @mention55Use the @mention feature when creating a piece of content. For those not in the know, the @mention feature is available when writing content. When you type the @symbol in the text editor, exchange offers you a dynamic list of people, places, and content in the community based on the letters that follow the symbol. Click one to create a 'smart' hyperlink to that person, place, or thing.
    @mentioned5UnlimitedYou get points when someone @mentions you.
    Ask a question105The power of community lies in shared knowledge. Ask a question to leverage and expand this knowledge. Get an answer and points, what more could you ask for?
    Bookmark something55Like old-timey bound books of yore, bookmarking in exchange helps you find important material later. You can bookmark content using the aptly labeled Bookmark button in the upper-right corner of content views.
    Comment on something510Comment on anything in exchange and get points. Comments only said aloud to your cube mates do not count.
    Correct answer20UnlimitedYou get points when someone marks one of your answers as correct.
    Create a document2010Documents on exchange are knowledge sharing opportunities that will last forever. So are the points you get when creating them.
    Create a video303In the future no one will know how to read because everything will be on video. The future begins now…and no emojis needed.
    Create an idea203Create an idea in exchange. It can drive product direction and added features. Need proof? Check out the What's New release documents for the GIS product Responder.
    Download an uploaded file510Trials, cool tools, samples, patches. Download your way to the next level.
    Helpful answer20UnlimitedYou get points when someone marks one of your answers as helpful.
    Like something55There's a lot of great content in the community. Click the Like button in the upper-right corner of a content view to let the author know her work is appreciated.
    Log in101Get points just for logging in. Can't beat that with a stick.
    Mark correct153Ask a question, get points. Get an answer and mark it correct, get more points. It's a point-fest up in here.
    Mark helpful153Some answers are more correct than others. The less correct are often still helpful, though. Mark an answer to your question as helpful to get points. Any questions?
    Read and rate a document55Read a document and rate it. Don't be shy. Good ratings make authors feel good. Bad ones let authors know they need to refine their work.
    Read a blog post55Read a blog post. Get up to date and points. That deserves a blog post of its own.
    Reply to discussion510Join the conversation. The more you reply, the more points you get.
    Reply to question510You know stuff that others don't. Reply to someone's question and get some points for your effort.
    Someone follows you5UnlimitedYou get points when someone follows you.
    Someone likes you5UnlimitedYou get points when someone likes something you create. Replies count, too.
    Someone responds to your content5UnlimitedYou get points when someone replies to your content.
    Update status103Let people know what you're up to by creating a status update (Create > Status Update). We'll give you points if you do.




    Mission Badges


    Mission badges are a little more difficult to earn. Each of these missions require greater interaction within the community and therefore reward you with more points. Orange badges can be earned multiple times, the others are awarded once.


    Selfie!50selfie.pngYou're pretty. You know you are, but the community doesn't. Upload your picture to use as an avatar.
    Getting to Know You50mic.pngProvide a brief biography and summarize your expertise. Complete your profile and you'll get a badge. I know, we can hardly believe it, either.
    Brown Noser25nose.pngFollowing people provides alerts of their actions in the community. Follow 10 folks to earn this coveted badge.
    Name Dropper50mention.png@mention stuff. @mention 10 people, places, or things to get this fancy badge.
    41150411.pngLike mom, the community appreciates you letting us know what's up with you. To prove it, we'll give you a badge after 10 Status Updates. Bet mom never gave you a badge.
    Know-It-All200brain.pngYour brain is huge and you're not afraid to use it. After 3 of your answers to others' questions in the community are marked correct or helpful, you'll win this mission.
    Knowledge is Power50power.pngLike someone's answer to a question? Mark it as Helpful. Someone answer your question? Mark it as Correct. Do this three times and win.
    OK Google50ask.pngThe exchange community is here to help, but unlike Google it doesn't know what you need if you don't ask. Ask 5 questions of the community and get this helpful badge.
    Sharing is Caring50heart.pngClick the Share button in content views or on a place to quickly alert others of the gem you found. Share 10 documents or 5 places to get this badge.
    Thumbs Up25thumb.pngYou're a trend setter. If you like it, others will surely follow. That's why we created this mission. Use the Like button on 15 documents and we'll like you back with a badge.
    Two Cents50twocents.pngReply to 10 questions or discussions in the community. The old saying says your thoughts are worth two cents. We think it's at least worth two cents on a badge.
    Your Opinion Counts50rate.pngLeave ratings on 5 pieces of content. The rating feature at the bottom of content lets us know how we're doing and where we can improve.
    Admit One50ticket.pngLottery players say you can't win if you don't play. Similarly, you can't win exchange if you don't login. Differently,  you're guaranteed to win this badge if you login 30 times.
    Chatter Box50chatter.pngPost 10 replies to discussions or questions. Not only do you help the community get smarter, you get this cool badge to boot. Win-win.
    Leader of the Pack50alpha.pngNo need to do anything special for this badge, other than be influential and cool. But you were going to do that anyway, right? Get followed by 10 people to win this mission.




    Reputation Center


    The Reputation Center acts as the command center for Game On! Here you can view the latest Game On! activity (points earned, missions completed, and badges awarded), available missions, and your point rank among contacts and the community.


    You access the Reputation Center either from your profile or the point tally drop down next to your name.


    From your profile, click More > Reputation.




    Alternatively, click the section below your avatar.


    From the point tally drop down, click the More button.



    On your mark. Get set. Game On!