Solution - Responder - Customer Counts and Tracing May Be Off in Responder

Version 1


    Traces in Responder and customer counts may be inflated in certain data conditions.




    An issue was discovered in which the code used for Jumpers is not respecting the enabled or FDRMGRNONTRACABLE flags. The software will find all sources and continue to look for possible edges on each side of a source to continue tracing.  This will cause Responder to see all sources and consider them multi-fed feeders. This is only an issue if the sources have multiple edges attached to them, such as busbars or other features.



    A code change will be included in the next service pack installers that have this additional code for Jumpers, which is 10.2.1a and 10.2.1b. In the meantime, there is a workaround in that the sources can be isolated to have just one feature. The following steps can be performed to identify if the feeder has an issue. It is recommended that you try this in a test environment to verify it works before making multiple changes.


    1. Use the 'Select by Feeder' tool to bring an entire feeder into selection.
    2. Identify the feature class that is used as a source and review each record to identify any features that have a circuit source record assigned to them.
    3. Verify that the features with the circuit source record do not have multiple edges. If more then one edge comes off the feature, use the ArcFM Disconnect tool to detach the upstream edge until a fix is made available.


    This is only an issue if it is a source that is not upstream of another source. Items such as tie devices may need to be disconnected until a fix is applied. EFM networks should not be impacted by this.