Solution - Responder - Tracing Not Showing Changes in Responder

Version 1


    Electric traces in ArcMap from ArcFM or Responder do not show switching changes executed in Responder.




    Responder doesn't make any changes to the GIS data. By default, all traces represent what the GIS data has stored in the version you are viewing. Responder executions are performed inside the Responder schema, and configuration changes need to be completed to have all the ArcMap traces use Responder.



    There is a tool installed with Responder called 'System Switch State' that you can place onto an existing toolbar:


    2015-12-10 08_13_19-Customize.jpg


    2015-12-10 08_12_39-PSDE.mxd - ArcMap.jpg


    This tool allows all Electric Traces to use Responder to determine the 'Actual' state where it will take any changes into account, or 'Normal' traces that use the geodatabase. The Responder client configuration needs to be completed on the machines if they choose Actual state, since ArcMap will need to communicate with the Responder server.