How-To - Responder - Identify Incidents That Are Not Archived Yet

Version 2



    Responder moves all the completed incidents to the Archive schema using a background process. If this process fails, it will log an error message to the event log, but users are not notified that an incident is missing from Archive.


    This query:

    select count(distinct incident_id) from rx_incidents_history where status in ('6') and incident_id not in (select distinct incident_ID from RXARCHIVE.rx_incidents_archive) order by time_outage;

    can be used to identify the incidents that are not included in the Archive Schema, according to the following parameters:


    1. This query looks at the History schema, so it will not see incidents that do not still exist in the History schema. Users who purge their schema will not be able to use this query.
    2. The query looks at completed incidents only. Cancelled incidents are a configuration option to be archived, and you should add the cancelled status of 5 into the query.


    Once you find incidents and date ranges, the Build from History tool inside of Archive Explorer can be run to Archive these incidents into the Archive schema. You should check the event log if the build tool is unable to archive the incidents again.