Solution - Responder - FeederID is Blank in Responder

Version 2


    Responder doesn't display a Feeder in the FeederID field of Responder Explorer.




    Listed below are the common things to check when Responder doesn't display a Feeder ID in Responder Explorer.


    • Ensure that the FEEDERID model name is assigned to the expected device field, and that the device faulted has a Feeder ID populated on that field. This can be performed inside of ArcFM. The same applies to FacilityID and verifying that the feature has the model name applied to only one field.
    • Verify there is an actual outage. Location calls or Calls that are not "no power" don't initiate Feeder Manager, so there are several fields that are not populated until an outage is reported in Responder. This can also happen if the device that had an outage is removed from the Incident. If no customers are out of power, then the fields remain blank.
    • The field can also be blank if multiple values are returned to Responder. If multiple sources are detected from the faulted device, it is extremely difficult to determine the source that is part of the outage  This might be due to multi-fed environments or a data condition that Feeder Manager may not be seeing correctly. The field should be left blank in cases like this.


    Please let Schneider Electric know if there are cases in which you are unable to determine why these fields are left blank so that we can conduct further research.