How-To - Responder - Include Line Breaks in Switch Order Reports.

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    Many customers use line breaks to separate steps in the Remarks field of switch order steps. However, the Switch Order Report removes the line breaks and makes things more difficult to read.


    All Responder report formats are controlled by XSLT files that are installed during installation. These files can be, and often are, manually modified by users. Therefore, they are not overwritten during re-installations and are also left behind during upgrades. Since the files can be modified manually by users, we highly recommend that they make a copy of the changes because any new machine installation will put the base files back into the location.


    The example below covers the method of adding line breaks into the Switch Order Report. Other settings are also available.


    1. On the Responder Client machine, open the IncidentReport.xslt file located in the \ProgramData\Miner and Miner\Responder folder. Changes will be made to this file so now is a good time to create a backup.

    2. Locate the highlighted Section:



    3. Replace the above highlighted text with this highlighted section:



    4. Save the file and restart the Responder Client. The file can be copied to all other clients as well. Make sure you create a backup of this file and any other XSLT file that has been modified for your organization.