How-To - Designer - Show the Enabled Status of Tasks in Designer

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    It is possible to show the enabled status of Workflow Manager tasks in Designer by configuring a Workflow Manager task and subtask. This is useful for troubleshooting cases where a task is not enabling due to configuration or permission issues. Follow these steps to configure the task:


    Add a new Show Enabled Status of Tasks task to Available Tasks:

    1. Open the Process Framework Administration Tool.
    2. Select the Node Types tab.
    3. Select the Design row in the Node Types list.
    4. Click Add Task.
    5. Enter Show Enabled Status of Tasks for Task Name.
    6. Enter a description in the Task Description field.
    7. Set Transition / Roles to (None).
    8. Check the Task Roles that are allowed to execute this task.
    9. Check Visible in Task Tool.
    10. Double click on Display Tasks Enabled Status in the Available Subtasks list to move it to the Selected Subtasks list.
    11. Click OK.
    12. Select File > Save to save the changes.


    To view the enabled status for tasks:

    1. Start ArcMap, log in and open a stored display.
    2. Add Available Tasks and Execute Task to a toolbar if they are not already added:
      1. Select Customize > Customize Mode.
      2. Select the Commands tab.
      3. Search for "Available Tasks" and drag it to a toolbar.
      4. Search for "Execute Task" and drag it to a toolbar.
      5. Click Close.
    3. Open Workflow Manager.
    4. Open a design.
    5. Click the Available Tasks dropdown list and select Show Enabled Status of Tasks.
    6. Click the Execute Task green arrow.
    7. In the Tasks Enabled Status dialog, click a task in the Tasks list to see its enabled status. Here is an example of the status for the Submit Design task:



    Enabled Status information:

    • The first line shows whether the task is enabled.
    • "Task is visible" shows that "Visible in Task Tool?" is set for the task.
    • "Transition "Submit Design" is enabled" indicates that a transition is set for the task, and that the user currently logged in can execute the transition. If a transition is not set for the task this line will not be shown.
    • A Subtask line will be shown for each subtask set for the task and whether that subtask is enabled.