FAQ - ArcFM - How is the MM_EDITED_FEATURES table managed?

Version 2


    How are entries in MM_EDITED_FEATURES added to and removed from the table?




    MM_EDITED_FEATURES is used by the Feeder Manager 1.0/Feeder Manager 2.0 Field Sync. This setting can be enabled in ArcCatalog from the Feeder Manager Configuration options. The table is created by running Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables and must exist before the setting can be enabled.


    In ArcFM 10.1.1 - 10.2.1a all feeder features will be added to the MM_EDITED_FEATURES table when any feeder feature is edited. Once a feature is on the table it will stay on the table until the version is posted. If another feature of the same feeder is edited later, no new entries will need to be added to the table. Although adding all feeder features to the edited features table is likely to add features which did not change, it is in fact faster than running the tracing necessary to determine whether or not the features were affected by the edit.


    In 10.2.1b, ArcFM introduced Feeder Manager 2.0 events. These events determine precisely which features were edited as a result of a Feeder Manager 2.0 edit, and allow for only those features affected by the edit to be added to MM_EDITED_FEATURES.


    When a session or design is posted using Session Manager, Workflow Manager, or Geodatabase Manager with the appropriate Action Handlers, Field Sync will look for entries in MM_EDITED_FEATURES for that version and calculate the current FeederID according to Feeder Manager 2.0. If this information differs from the value of the Feeder Manager 1.0 FeederID field, the Feeder Manager 1.0 field will be updated with the calculated value. All MM_EDITED_FEATURES entries for the posted version will be removed at the end of the posting process.


    Posting a normal version using Esri's versioning tools does NOT synchronize the Feeder Manager fields and will not clean up MM_EDITED_FEATURES. In this case, it will be necessary to manually run the Feeder Sync using the provided code sample. We strongly recommend not doing a Feeder Sync at any time other than when posting, to avoid reintroducing the conflict issues that could occur with Feeder Manager 1.0.