How-To - Designer - Resetting a Design's Deleted Status

Version 6



    If a design is inadvertently deleted it will no longer appear under its parent work request in Workflow Manager. It is possible to undo this unintended deletion and make the design visible again by resetting the affected fields in the Workflow Manager database tables.


    Note: This process will only work if the Orphan Versions Cleanup Tool has not been run since the design was deleted. If it has been run, the design will have been completely deleted from Workflow Manager and the geodatabase. In this case the design will have to be re-created.


    Follow these steps to reset the design's deleted status.


    Step 1: Check the MM_PX_VERSIONS table to see if the design still exists. It may have already been deleted if the Orphan Versions Cleanup Tool has run.

    1. In ArcCatalog, connect to the database.
    2. Select the MM_PX_VERSIONS table and search for the version in the NAME and DESCRIPTION columns. In this example the version still exists. Note that STATUS is set to 4. This indicates that the version has been set to be deleted.


       3. Select the MM_WMS_DESIGN table and search for the design. Note that the ID references the NODE_ID in MM_PX_VERSIONS, and that HIDDEN is set to 1.


    Step 2: If the design still exists, update the affected fields in MM_PX_VERSIONS and MM_WMS_DESIGN to reset its deleted status.

    1. Using a SQL tool appropriate for the Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database, set the STATUS field in MM_PX_VERSIONS to 4 using the NODE_ID. For the example above, the statement would be:


            update PROCESS.MM_PX_VERSIONS set STATUS = 1 where NODE_ID = 809


       2. Set the HIDDEN field in MM_WMS_DESIGN to 0 for the design. For the example above the statement would be:


           update PROCESS.MM_WMS_DESIGN set HIDDEN = 0 where ID = 809


    Step 3: Start ArcMap and Workflow Manager. Expand the design's parent work request and verify that it is visible again.