How-To - Responder - Logging Prediction Calculations

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    Many times customers ask how Responder is predicting, and how to determine what devices Responder is using in its predictions. There is a configuration that can be implemented to not only log where Prediction is looking, but also provide the calculations it has utilized to determined if a device is going to be predicted.


    Note: A username may not be useful if all users still log in to the Citrix server as one user. Although this makes it easier to deploy Citrix, we recommend that you create separate accounts, even if just for the process of troubleshooting.


    Across all ArcFM products, logging of events into the event log is controlled by log4net settings. The information logged, and at what detail, are controlled via configuration in various files. Modifying these files will allow more information to be written to the files.


    The example below covers adding Prediction calculations into the event logs. This can be performed for any installation, but it does increase the amount of logging that occurs. Therefore, you may only want to implement this in a test environment.


    1. On the Application Server machine, open the Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe configuration file located in the \Miner and Miner\Responder\Server folder. You should make this change universally on all application servers, if you have multiples, to ensure that every service logs events in the same way. You will be making numerous changes to this file, so create a backup at this point.

    2. Locate the section in the screenshot and change the value to DEBUG:


    2015-11-05 12_06_51-Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe.config_ - Microsoft Visual Studio Express.jpg


    3. Next, change the highlighted section below to DEBUG as well:



    4. Save the file and restart the Responder services. All future prediction of calls will have additional logging of which devices are being checked and anything that Prediction has found. The following are a couple examples of the additional information that is provided with additional logging:


    2015-11-05 11:50:21,465 [Rx COM STA] DEBUG Miner.Responder.Processors.Prediction [(null)] - Prediction: Immediate child outage ratio for test device [FCID=550][OID=2425][SUBID=0][EID=65827] is 0.3333333

    2015-11-05 11:50:21,472 [Rx COM STA] DEBUG Miner.Responder.Processors.Prediction [(null)] - Prediction: Call/Customer outage ratio for test device [FCID=550][OID=2425][SUBID=0][EID=65827] is 1.