Solution - Designer – CU Description Display Discrepancy

Version 13



    A discrepancy occurs in Designer where the description for a compatible unit (CU) changes in the Design tab after saving, closing and re-opening the design. In this example, the design is open for editing, and the 4/0 COPPER CU has been added to the design. The description for 4/0 COPPER is correct:




    After saving, closing and re-opening the design, the description for 4/0 COPPER is incorrect. It has picked up the description of the 4/0 Aluminum CU:






    This is due to CU’s in the MM_CU_LIBRARY table having the same CODE. This is allowed because CU’s in this table are unique by CODE, TABLENAME and SUBTYPE. This change occurred with the introduction of CU Referencing in the ArcFM 10.0.3 release. Here are the CU’s in MM_CU_LIBRARY from the example above:



    Their CODE and TABLENAME are the same, but the SUBTYPE is different. When the CU is initially added during editing in Designer, the description is read from MM_CU_LIBRARY, and is correct for each CU.

    When the design is saved, closed and re-opened, the description is read from the MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY table in the Workflow Manager database by the CODE corresponding to the CODE in MM_CU_LIBRARY. It is not read from MM_CU_LIBRARY. Here is the row for CON 4/0 ALUM in  MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY from the example above:


    There is only one row in MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY for this CODE, so the same DESCRIPTION is returned for both CU’s. It is not searching MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY by CODE, TABLENAME and SUBTYPE since TABLENAME and SUBTYPE columns do not exist in this table.



    This can be resolved by using the same description for each CU in MM_CU_LIBRARY and MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY, and using the NAME field to differentiate the CU’s. Use the following steps to change the descriptions:


    1.  Using the Compatible Units Administration Tool, change the DESCRIPTION for the 4/0 CU and 4/0 Alum CUs to “4/0 Conductor”. This will update the DESCRIPTION field for these CU's in MM_CU_LIBRARY:


    2. In the MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY table, change the DESCRIPTION for the “CON 4/0 ALUM” CU to “4/0 Conductor”. This can be changed using a SQL update statement in a SQL tool for the Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database.



    Once this change is made the description will be the same when the CU’s are initially added and after saving, closing and re-opening the design. Here is the Design tab after CU’s are initially added to the design:


    And the Design tab after saving, closing and re-opening the design:




    A drawback to this method is that the CU's show the same description until they are expanded to show their name. If this method is not optimal, it is recommended that new CU's be created with different CODEs to make them unique, and adding a corresponding CU to MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY.