FAQ - ArcFM - Pencil Tool Editing Option Unavailable for Conductors

Version 2


    When attempting to edit conductors in 10.2.1b using the "pencil tool" under the ArcFM Attribute Editor, the editing option is unavailable. Why is this option not active for conductors but available for point features that participate in the network?



    The pencil tool is disabled at 10.2.1b on networked conductor features if you are using Feeder Manager 2.0 AND you are utilizing the new Feeder Manager Event Notifications functionality. Feeder Sync by default uses this new event functionality when it's enabled to populate the MM_Edited_Features table.


    The reason that the tool is disabled is because events cannot properly fire when a user utilizes the pencil tool during certain edit scenarios. The event is used to determine what changed in an edit session and what features need to be updated when the Feeder Sync Tool runs. In order to prevent users from making edits that potentially would not sync properly and which would produce incorrect data, the tool was disabled. This ensures that data integrity is maintained across all edit operations.


    The decision to disable the pencil tool for conductors stems from the abundant types of shape edits that can be performed on conductor feaures. There are fewer types of edits that are possible on point features. As such, the software can properly respond to all edits on those feature types without issue.