FAQ - Responder - What are the times used for Responder Archive reporting?

Version 2


    What time is being used when reports are run out of Responder Archive Explorer?  This question can arise after changes are made to the times or the data in Responder after the incident is managed out.



    In general, the reports pull from two different locations. All Reliability reports get the times from RX_LOADPOINTS_ARCHIVE, while all general reports get their data from RX_INCIDENTS_ARCHIVE. The loadpoints are chosen for the Reliability reports to account for any overlaps, along with multiple outages the customer experienced during the same incident. This design does not provide an opportunity for creating proper indices off the incidents alone. Custom reports should also pull from the loadpoints table to allow the most accurate calculations.


    For an illustration, the attachment contains several reports that were run after the database was modified directly with SQL to offset the three time locations for some incidents. The three different tables that hold times are RX_INCIDENTS_ARCHIVE, RX_INCIDENT_DEVICES_ARCHIVE, and RX_LOADPOINTS_ARCHIVE. The times that were set for each level are described in the Remarks fields. Most of them are run off only one incident, but more information is also displayed in the summary information.