Solution - Designer - "The workspace defined in the design XML" Error After Moving Database to New Server

Version 6



    The following error occurs when opening a design after moving the ArcFM and Workflow Manager database to a new database server:



    The workspace specified in the design XML:

    server: GISPROD

    instance: sde:oracle11g:GISPROD

    authentication_mode: DBMS

    was not found in the current document or stored display.


    You may need to use the Workflow Manager Data Source Wizard to

    resolve this issue. Please contact your database administrator.




    There are two possible causes for this error:


    1. The Workflow Manager Data Source Wizard hasn't been run, as the error message states.
    2. The design has a design stored display associated with it that has not had its data source changed using the ArcFM Data Source Wizard.




    For the first cause above, run the Workflow Manager Data Source Wizard. Instructions for running this tool are here: Workflow Manager Data Source Wizard.


    For the second cause, change the data source of the design stored displays using the ArcFM Data Source Wizard in ArcCatalog. The process of saving a design stored display with a design is configured using the WMSDisableDesignStoredDisplay value in the Process Framework Administration Tool (see Add Design Stored Displays). If this value is set to not save design stored displays, it is possible it was configured to save them in the past. Design stored displays will exist if this is the case.


    To check if design stored displays exist, and then change their data source:

    1. Start ArcCatalog and connect to the database.
    2. Right click on the database and select ArcFM Data Source Wizard.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Expand Stored Displays > Design and Session.
    5. If Design and Session stored displays are listed, select them to reset their data source.
    6. Open ArcMap and Workflow Manager and check that the design opens without the error.