How-To - ArcFM - Verify that ArcFM Defined Snapping Rules are used when Editing Features within ArcFM

Version 5



    Snapping defaults can be defined via ArcCatalog for ArcFM features. Properly setting these snapping rules ensures that new features easily connect to existing and intended feature types when editing.


    Follow the steps below to ensure that the defined ArcFM snapping rules for a particular ArcFM feature class are followed.


    Step 1: In ArcCatalog, locate a specific ArcFM Feature Class within the relevant dataset.

    1. Right-click on the feature class and choose ArcFM Snapping Manager from the menu.
    2. View the defined Snapping Targets for the feature class.



    Step 2: Within an ArcFM edit session, verify that the default ArcFM snapping rules for the ArcFM feature class are followed.

    1. Open the ArcFM Attribute Editor and display the Targets tab.
    2. Display the Features panel within the Table of Contents.
    3. Click on a feature within the Table of Contents and send the feature to the Targets tab of the ArcFM Attribute Editor.
    4. Within the Classic Editor toolbar, verify that Create ArcFM Feature is shown within the Edit Task drop-down.


      5. Open the snapping window through the Editor toolbar by selecting Edit > Snapping > Snapping Window.

      6. Review the snapping defaults and check for consistency with the settings defined via ArcCatalog.



    Further information on this topic can be found within the online ArcFM Solution Resource Center.