How-To - Designer - Managing the Posting of Work Locations for Designs within ArcFM

Version 2



    An option exists to define whether work locations are included when a design is posted. Designers often want to have the work locations deleted when posting designs. The MMDONOTPOST model name is assigned to the Work Location feature class for this purpose.


    Follow the steps below to not include work locations when posting a design.

    1. Within the DesignerDataset, access the ArcFM Properties Manager for Work Locations using ArcCatalog.
    2. Choose the Model Names tab and add the MMDONOTPOST model name from the Designer Object Class Model Name Domain.
    3. Apply the change and close the ArcFM Properties Manager dialog.



    If MMDONOTPOST is not available within the Work Location ArcFM Properties dialog, add the model name to the Designer Object Class Model Name Domain.

    1. Within ArcCatalog, right-click on the database and select Properties from the menu.
    2. Locate the Designer Object Class Model Name Domain in the Domains tab.
    3. Add the MMDONOTPOST code and description within the Coded Values section.


    Assignment of the MMDONOTPOST model name will prevent the inclusion of Work Locations with a posted design. Persistence of posted Work Locations after assigning this model name often stems from the dataset not being registered as versioned.

    1. Within ArcCatalog, right-click on the Designer dataset and select Manage within the menu.
    2. Verify that Register As Versioned... is not active.
    3. If Register As Versioned is enabled, log in as the data owner of the Designer dataset and register the dataset as versioned.



    Note: The dataset must be registered as versioned even if the Work Location feature class is registered.




    Further information on this topic can be found within the online ArcFM Solution Resource Center.