How-To - Designer - Modifying the Display Field for Work Locations within ArcFM

Version 3



    A configuration option is available via ArcCatalog to change the display field associated with Work Locations. Work Locations are often indicated by a numerical value (such as 1, 2, 3). A configuration change enables the use of an alternate value such as ObjectID.


    Follow the steps below to reset the display field for Work Locations when using Designer.

    1. Within the DesignerDataset, access the ArcFM Properties Manager for Work Locations using ArcCatalog.
    2. Locate the Primary Display drop-down menu within the Field Display tab.
    3. Choose a desired display field from the drop-down menu.


    Note: The selected Primary Display Field for Work Locations is displayed when using a number of ArcFM tools including the ArcFM Locator, Attribute Editor, or Identify Tool.


    Further information on this topic can be found within the online ArcFM Solution Resource Center.