Solution - Designer - Move Design Task not Available in Workflow Manager after being Configured

Version 3



    The Move Design task is not available in the Available Tasks dropdown list of Workflow Manager after configuring it using the instructions in this Knowledge Base article: How-To - Designer - Configuring a Move Design Task in Workflow Manager.




    This is due to bug MM55709 that is fixed in the upcoming ArcFM 10.2.1b SP1 and later releases. It occurs if the Copy Design subtask is not configured in Workflow Manager. The Move Design subtask relies on a variable set in the Copy Design subtask code. If the Copy Design subtask is not configured, this variable is not available to Move Design, and Move Design does not enable and get populated in the Available Tasks dropdown list.



    The work around is to add a Copy Design task and set it so that it is not visible to users. Use the following steps to configure it:


    1. Start the Process Framework Administration Tool and log in to the Workflow Manager database.
    2. Select the Node Types tab.
    3. Select Design in the Node Types list and click Add Task.
    4. Enter a name for the task in the Task Name field, and a description in the Task Description field.
    5. Uncheck Visible in Task Tool?. This will prevent the task from being available to users.
    6. Select Copy Design from the Available Subtasks list and click on the right arrow to send it to the Selected Subtasks list.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Select File > Save to save the new task.
    9. Select File > Exit.
    10. Start ArcMap.
    11. Start Workflow Manager.
    12. Select All Work or My Work.
    13. Expand a work request and select a design.
    14. Click the Available Tasks dropdown list. The Move Design task will now be available in the list.