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    Utility Team,

    The attached brochure for our GE Magne Blast RetroFill can replace the GE vertical racking system with a new roll in horizontal racking system and a new Schneider Electric breaker solution.

    Be clear this is a big issue with any utility that has vertical racking. This solution has closed several large orders for us at accounts like PPL Coal Strip and SCE&G to name a couple.

    Please be sure you are asking your utility customers if they have any of these existing GE breakers and share this solution. If we can get them to one of our plants, like West Chester, where they can see the solution, you have a great chance of closing a big order.

    Again - at a recent account where we assumed that they knew about this solution, we assumed incorrectly. The customer advised that they were leaning to ABB and after learning of our offer, are now likely to visit West Chester before YE 2015. My bet is that we win this business away from ABB.

    Hope this helps sparks some meetings for you and hopefully drives some opportunities.