Video Link and Line Card for SE Electronic Boards repair facility in Greensboro, NC - Schneider-Electric Electric South Line Card 040412.pdf

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    Utility team:

    While in a recent capabilities meeting with a utility and our local SSE, we were sharing an overview of all of our services offer and "electronic board repair" stuck a chord with one of the engineers in charge of IT and communication standards with their DCS, PLC's, ..., etc. They had some older "Woodward" boards that were obsolete and in need of repairs. I wanted to share both a line card and a video link to our electronic repair facility and capabilities. This is not something that we typically think about and share with our customers. This capability comes from SE's investment into Electric South in Greensboro, NC and from the customers that I have talked with who have used this service - speak very highly of our capabilities.

    Below is the link to the facility and our capabilities:

    SE Industrial Repair Video Link


    I hope this uncovers some opportunities or possibly opens some new doors for you at our utility customers.

    Warmest regards,