GIS Client Services: Our Experts

Version 38

    csexp.pngGIS Client Services, like all of Schneider Electric, understands that its single greatest asset is its people. Comprising seven tightly integrated, functional groups, Client Services employs technical professionals with a passion for optimizing customer solutions to offer best-in-class value to you, our clients. Common themes unite these seven groups into a cohesive organization.

    • First is a love of technology and the challenges inherent in applying technology to solve your toughest business problems.
    • Second, we love all things utilities, and never stop investing in the deep domain expertise that provides the foundation for our success.
    • Third is our tremendous focus on the customer: we never stop listening – truly listening – to gain understanding of customer wants and needs. Of critical importance to us are developing and nurturing lasting relationship with our customers. 
    • Finally, we are committed to continuous improvement, and to this end we apply our best practices on every engagement and continue to update our arsenal of best practices with lessons learned from each and every implementation.


    Each of our groups has a specialty that can be applied either within the construct of an implementation project or in the form of responsive, specialized, high quality professional services in order to ensure maximum value and success with the ArcFM Solution.


    implementation.png Implementation Services

    Our implementation services specialists are experts in all aspects of ArcFM installation, configuration, and the intricacies of your ArcFM data. We can assist your team with data model optimization for conversion and data review and health checks to ensure your system can operate at peak performance.  We apply our deep knowledge of the ArcFM Solution to test plan development and our testing best practices are invaluable during factory, user, and site acceptance testing. This group is uniquely qualified to support your production deployment as you place the new system in the hands of the end users.


    solution.png Solution Architect and Database Services

    The cornerstone of our implementation blueprint is the application of consistent patterns in the areas of requirements gathering and solution design. Our solution architects work tirelessly to ensure we understand your wants. We then apply our subject matter expertise in the area of Enterprise GIS solutions and services design as well as database architecture to develop a solution that satisfies your needs. Our architects work to ensure that the rest of the Client Services groups understand your specifications clearly (essential to minimizing implementation risk) and provides oversight during execution to ensure the system is built as designed. This group promotes optimal database performance by tuning the system based on our years of experience making the ArcFM Solution hum.


    software.png Software Engineering Services

    This group thrives on applying its software engineering expertise to implement, extend, and customize the ArcFM Solution set of products to enable our clients to realize greater productivity and efficiency in their daily jobs.  We strive to produce high quality and tested software, developed in close collaboration with our clients. We are committed to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction through the entire development process.


    education.png Education Services

    Each of our instructors has an extensive GIS background, comprehensive teaching experience, and a passion for learning. These educators apply their passion in preparing and teaching end-users, administrators, and business partners for a productive future with ArcFM and our full suite of products. We plan, develop, and deliver directed and engaging courses. Our efforts can be applied to both “train the trainer” and “train the tester” initiatives, based on either core course materials or custom course materials "made to order" for your solution.


    support.png Technical Support

    The primary goal of our Technical Support group is to provide industry-leading technical support to you, our clients and partners, to insure your long-term client success and to provide technical support (core product) to the other groups during your project implementations. This group of dedicated professionals strives each day to maintain a high-level of customer satisfaction for each and every ArcFM Solution implementation.  In support of this goal, our Technical Support engineers maintain consistent and predictable communication on all active support cases, document each step of the troubleshooting process, work directly with product development to understand details of product functionality, and log product bugs and client patch requests as needed for product defects.


    esm.png Extended Support & Maintenance

    Our Extended Support & Maintenance (ESM) engineers are passionate about providing you with long term support and maintenance of your customizations and implementations while developing and maintaining a mutual long-term relationship. Once you are in production with the ArcFM Solution, our Technical Account Managers work to ensure the utilization of ArcFM Solution to the fullest potential, effectively maximizing your company's investment. In-depth knowledge of your systems and your needs combine with up-to-date knowledge of the latest ArcFM Solution features and functionality to help keep your production systems running at peak operational performance.


    pm2.png Project Management

    Working under the oversight or our Project Management Office, our seasoned project managers control scope, schedule, and budget with an eye on project risks and issues uncovered during implementation. Our project managers engage representatives from every group within Client Services at the appropriate moment in the project lifecycle, to apply skills and knowledge to accomplish the goals of your project. Understanding the relationship between communication and project success, our project managers work to ensure that the people working on your project have the information they need, when they need it, to continue forward and deliberate progress through each phase in the project.