FAQ - Service Pack Policy for 10.2.1 Releases

Version 21

    Service Pack Policy for 10.2.1 releases

    In an effort to allow you to stay current on the latest bug fixes, we have altered our approach to service packs for our 10.2.1 releases - including 10.2.1, 10.2.1a, 10.2.1b, and 10.2.1c. We will be releasing regular service packs for these releases with the following commitments:

    • These service packs will install over your current installation without the need to uninstall the currently installed product
    • We will make every effort to ensure the service packs only contain bug fixes
    • Our API will remain unchanged so your customizations should not need to be altered or recompiled
    • Unless explicitly stated, no database changes are necessary to apply service packs.

    We will release service packs approximately 6 months after each initial release and additional service packs at 6-12 month intervals as necessary within the General Availability and Extended Support timeframes (see GIS - Product Life Cycle Support Policy for detailed dates). The following Release Schedule will be updated as new Service Pack dates are determined.


    Service packs will contain fixes to bugs reported by customers that have significant adverse impact on a business workflow, or defects with ineffective work arounds.  Technical Support will assist in the evaluation of each defect issued to determine if your defect meets the criteria to be added to a service pack.


    Release schedule

    The following is an approximate schedule for our planned service pack releases.

    Release VersionService Pack 1 DateService Pack 2 DateService Pack 3 Date
    10.2.1Will patch going forward in lieu of Service Packs for this version*
    10.2.1aAugust 2015Will patch going forward in lieu of Service Packs for this version*
    10.2.1bJanuary 2016July 2016January 2017 (final SP for this release)
    10.2.1cNovember 2016July 2017January 2018 (final SP for this release)
    10.2.1dOctober 2017May 2018November 2018
    10.6.1February 2019 (Assumes August 2018 release date for 10.6.1)August 2019 (Assumes August 2018 release date for 10.6.1)February 2020 (Assumes August 2018 release date for 10.6.1)

    Please note, dates are approximate and are subject to change without notice.

    * Service Packs were originally scheduled for these releases however due to a limited number of high priority bugs reported these were handled as standard patches. High priority bugs found at these versions will be patched as necessary



    Critical issues that must be resolved outside of the service pack release schedule will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and a patch may be provided depending on impact and severity of the reported issue.


    If you have any questions about our service pack policy, please contact Jason Sharp or Nick Wanke